Image showing Seph Lawless

Image showing Seph Lawless

OMG You Won’t Believe What’s Inside This Abandoned House

You Won’t Believe What’s Inside This Abandoned House. Photojournalist Seph Lawless is known for going into some of the most creepiest abandoned dwellings in the world, but this abandoned house, he was recently inside takes the cake. A real american horror story that is something straight out of your nightmares. Lawless is known for his documentation of abandoned places and haunted houses, which culminated into a book called ’13-An American Horror Story’. Seph Lawless isn’t his real name and he is from Ohio, where he has photographed abandoned places in Ohio for years.

Upon entering the abandoned home Lawless noticed fresh footprints outside that seemed to lead in and out of the home.

“I look for things like that before entering an abandoned place to insure my safety the best that I can.”, says Lawless.

The photos below will show the eerie things left behind in this abandoned house.


The first strange thing was a bathroom that looked like it was set up to be a kill room for Dexter and Lawless feared the worst after noticing what looked like blood on some of the walls.

“It smelled like something had died and I feared looking behind it, but I did and found a dead dog in the bathtub.”

According to Lawless, the animal corpse appeared to be pretty decomposed, and this would be just the first eerie thing he would find in this house.


Seph Lawless proceeded to walk upstairs and heard a scratching noise coming from one of the rooms.

“I was shocked to walk into a room and hear a record spinning with that creepy scratching sound after an album finishes. I picked up the needle placing it at the beginning of the record again. It started to play the song Sentimental Journey by Doris Day, which made my journey even more bizarre.”

With the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Doris Day, playing in the background, Lawless began searching the home more to find even more haunting finds.



Lawless came across another creepy room in the home, which appeared to have makeshift bars on the windows and hospital chair in it. Neighbor Joe Melendez says he hears noises coming from the house from time to time.

“It was just one of those places that gave you the creeps from the start.”

When Lawless was exiting the abandoned home he noticed a stray dog inside the lower level, which ran right passed him startling him even more.


Perhaps, the most creepiest place Lawless photographed was an abandoned home filled with mannequins and metal tools neatly displayed on shelves throughout the home. You can see more of those images here. untitled-27

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  1. Deana

    I want to go exploring with you.

    Please, I promise to be good. I am sure that after following you and your girlfriend, I would be excellent at urban exploring.

  2. Joann

    That doesn’t make sense that the record player is working without power in the house. Dead dog in the bathtub? Blood on the walls? Sounds like someone was there recently. In this case I think the police should have investigated.

  3. Chris

    The photographs of the various locations are amazing. It hits you on an emotional level much like a painting or sculpture. I don’t care how well versed you are in what makes a great watercolor painting (i.e. open gate to let the viewer through …) try explaining in words why a J.M.W. Turner landscape painting resonates on an emotional level. It’s the same with these photos … they could me imitated but never duplicated. The mystery and beauty of art.

    But … I did wonder the same thing about the record. Was there electricity or was it paranormal? Or just poetic license?

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