Hauntingly Beautiful

Huffington Post calls Seph Lawless a master of the abandoned and his latest photo book entitled ‘Hauntingly Beautiful’ takes the reader through the haunting journey of 13 of the Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Houses across America.

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Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Houses across America

Image showing Seph Lawless

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They are all abandoned and all “hauntingly beautiful.” That’s how Northeast Ohio photographer Seph Lawless describes the images that he captured of the inside and outside of homes all over the country including several in Ohio.

Image showing Seph Lawless Texarkana, Arkansas is the site of one of the country’s most infamous unsolved serial killers, known as The Phantom Killer or The Moonlight Murders. “That abandoned house is near the first road which was used as a murder site,” says Lawless.

Image showing Seph Lawless The day after shooting in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, this house—which appears on the cover of Hauntingly Beautiful)—collapsed. “These are the last images ever taken and my feet fell through the floors several times photographing it,” says Lawless. “It felt as though it would collapse at any moment and I was shocked to see it had collapsed just hours after I was inside it. Truly frightening and still gives me chills thinking about it.”

Image showing Seph Lawless

The photos include a look at four abandoned homes in Ohio: East Cleveland, Geneva, Milan, and Ruggles Township. Lawless said the only one still standing in Ohio is the home in Ruggles Township; that’s in Ashland County. The others have been demolished.

Image showing Seph Lawless Lawless told FOX 8 he stumbled across some of the homes while he was exploring for his ongoing project, ‘Autopsy of America,’ which is Lawless’ look at the most abandoned and broken parts of the U.S.