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ABANDONED AMERICA Eerie pics show deserted shopping malls, overgrown train stations and forgotten theme parks that have been reclaimed by nature

Seph Lawless: Q&A with photographer behind those viral images of abandoned places

Shuttered Ride in Middle of Disney Park Is Perfect Place for Gators to Thrive, Photographer Warns

Seph Lawless Captures Photos of an Abandoned Disney Waterpark

The Invisible Photographer
Meet the man who photographs the forgotten

Seph lawless Voted Most Interesting of 2015

Eerie Images of America’s Abandoned Amusement Parks Will Haunt You

Wichita’s Joyland appears in new photo book about creepy amusement parks

Beachwood Library hosts Seph Lawless photo exhibit on decay of American structures, institutions; Cleveland artist gains worldwide recognition

This abandoned Disney water park has been rotting for more than a decade

These Photos Of A Snow-Covered Abandoned Mall Are Unbelievably Eerie

These Photos Of An Abandoned Disney World Water Park Will Totally Creep You Out

Photos of an abandoned Disney water park will haunt your dreams

21 photos of Detroit ruins from Seph Lawless

Artist and activist Seph Lawless shares pics of abandoned and dilapidated Cleveland theater slated for big renovation

It doesn’t look very fun! Inside the spooky, century-old abandoned amusement park left frozen in time that once was home to the oldest funhouse in America

Picher, Oklahoma Is America’s ‘Most Toxic City.’ Seph Lawless’ Photos Show Us Why.

Land of Oz Theme Park Will Temporarily Reopen Its Emerald Gates

These haunting images of abandoned houses will send chills down your spine

Eerie images show America’s deserted theme parks, abandoned shopping malls and forsaken train stations

One of NASCAR’s Most Storied Speedways Is Now a Decaying Wreck

Eerie photos reveal ‘abandoned America’ left behind and forgotten

The real-life Jurassic Park: Inside the abandoned dinosaur-themed amusement park in the middle of a Michigan forest


Seph Lawless Huffington Post

If the World Ended Today, It Would Look Like This Abandoned U.S. Town

You’d Be Surprised By How Many Of These Dark, Desolate Places Are Hiding Everywhere

NBC’s TODAY SHOW Interviews Photojournalist and Activist Seph Lawless

FOX NEWS interviews Photojornalist Seph Lawless-Greta Van Susteren’s show ‘On the Record’ LIVE


CNN interview with Seph Lawless


BUZZFEED– Seph Lawless’ Images Go Viral Once Again

ABC News interviews Seph Lawless; Eerie Look Inside America’s Abandoned Amusement Parks – ABC News 

ESPN Interviews Seph Lawless and his Latest Viral Project that Leaves Racing Fans Wanting More

HUFFINGTON POST MOST SHARED STORY OF 2014 ‘Seph Lawless 13 Real-Life Haunted Houses’ 


VICE– Famous Photographer fighting Trespassing Charges  

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New York Daily News– Seph Lawless shows New Orleans still ravaged 10 years after Katrina

Black Friday: Ghostly Images of Abandoned Malls by Seph Lawless (PHOTOS)

Interview: Seph Lawless’ ‘Black Friday’ | American Photo 

WALLSTREET JOURNAL– Interviews the photographer Seph Lawless

The Guardian Newspaper interviews Artist Seph Lawless

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Seph Lawless’ Creepy photos of abandoned shopping malls highlight New York Daily News

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Seph Lawless‘ photos go viral sends shockwaves across the world 

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RUSSIA National Newspaper: Interview with American Photojournalist Seph Lawless

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Seph Lawless’ Black Friday: Haunting Documentary Photo Series Captures Abandoned Malls in the US

Artist and Activist Seph Lawless sends powerful message 

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Ruins of the Rust Belt: Haunting Photos of Abandoned Buildings by Seph Lawless 

Powerful Photos of New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina

ITALY’S POST INTERVIEW with American Photojournalist SEPH LAWLESS 

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Powerful Photos by Seph Lawless spreads across America 

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THE TELEGRAPH Actor Brad Pitt and Seph Lawless discuss New Orleans 10th Anniversary of Katrina

Brazil’s Ecomomia Newspaper: “Morte” de shoppings nos EUA acende alerta no Brasil; Lawless 

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These Abandoned Photos From The Autopsy of America by Seph Lawless Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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