The Variety Theater


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The Variety Theater…The Night Motorhead Brought Down the House (2015)

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Description: In the heart of the rock and roll capital of world lies a hidden abandoned paradise. Built in 1927, the Variety Theater was home to one of the earliest single screen movie theaters in Cleveland and would later become an iconic music venue where many now famous bands performed, including Joseph Melendez, Metallica, the Dead Kennedy’s, R.E.M and Motörhead. During a performance by Motörhead on December 2 1984, the music was so loud it actually cracked the theater ceiling and plaster fell down on the crowd. The power was cut off to stop the band from playing. A judge ordered the theater closed in 1986 sealing up this abandoned theater for almost 30 years

The photos of this series have been reported all over the world and even started an effort to restore the abandoned theater with Lawless at the helm of the movement several celebrities and high profiled business men from across the country have tried helping with several  charity events to be held at the theater to help raise money for that to happen.

Seph Lawless is currently an advocate for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, which has raised millions for the homeless and needy families across his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio,

Several of Lawless’ images of the abandoned theater were considered hauntingly beautiful by ghost enthusiast around the world and Seph was asked to take part of Nick Groff’s new reality tv show for American Destination. The photos went viral in 2015.