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E-BOOK: a beautiful eBook that looks and feels like a real book with the added benefits of interactive media. Can be viewed on any desktop, tablet, mobile or eReader device. Voted #1 eBook in 2014. Only $9.99 USD for a limited time and available exclusively through Lawless’ official website.

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ALL books are available in eBook format and can be purchased by clicking the links below:

Hauntingly Beautiful BUY NOW

Bizarro ‘The World’s Most Hauntingly Beautiful Theme Parks’ BUY NOW

The Last Lap…North Wilkesboro Speedway  BUY NOW




13: An American Horror Story BUY NOW

The Trolley Tragedy of 1957 BUY NOW 

Both eBooks and books have received several good reviews on review sites namely sites like Good Reads. several of the book titles have won awards, appeared at prolific book fairs and been reported worldwide across some of the most reputable news organizations.

Both Black Friday and Bizarro have sold over 500,000 copies to date and many consider them to be the leading and most popular abandoned photo books in the world.

Seph Lawless has turned down several offers from major publishers because he wants to produce the highest quality level of photo books on the market. This is a common theme for most prolific photographers, like Lawless, but his books have received several accolades for the quality of the books in 2015.

Please Note: Make sure your device has enough space if you plan on saving the eBook to your device. There is a download limit of three times to help with the illegal sale of the the copyrighted material. For more information or press inquires visit the contact center to answer all of your questions.