The Soma House is located in an abandoned part of rural Ohio and has long been rumored of being haunted, but the real reason this place is haunted lies far beneath the surface. I’ve been to this location several times and even up to the day it was burned down by locals in 2016.  After several trips to the home and speaking to local area residents it turns out not only was the house haunted, but the land itself.

Paranormal skeptics and bloggers were quick to judge my book called 13 – An American Horror Story by using google as a way to substantiate adequate history failed miserably to try to disprove the ongoing enigma of the Soma House. The real problem was these skeptics and bloggers were judging my creative non-fiction book which clearly states in the introduction that the stories are part fiction and non-fiction stories aimed at blurring the lines between truth and fiction. It is my belief that truth is more frightening than fiction and the true stories in my book 13 – An American Horror Story are the most chilling of them all.

One blogger calling itself the Haunted Librarian admitted publicly that they reviewed my book without reading it, which called for people to boycott her blog losing all credibility in the paranormal field.

Soma House

The real name of this house is not known, but commonly referred to by locals as the Soma House and if these so called bloggers and paranormal skeptics actually traveled to places like I do they would get a better understanding of what was really going on here, instead they resort to spending their days on google trying to make sense of the unknown. If you take the time to meet the people that live by these places you can learn a lot. I met a local resident named Joseph Melendez that was quick to share of sorts of strange noises coming from the home and said he believed locals burned it down on purpose to hopefully rid the area of demons. Diane Christopher, a nearby resident, also said she could hear what sounded like a deep vibration coming from the direction of the home over the years.

I called the police several times. It felt like an earthquake one morning. I was terrified and couldn’t make sense of any of it.

I myself am a paranormal skeptic and why people have reached out to me in the past is to get an unbiased view of different paranormal events that have happened over the years. Earlier this year I was asked to be the co-host of a new reality show called Paranormal Lockdown on Destination America, but turned down the offer to focus on my own reality show slated for 2017. They wanted my unbiased and skeptical view of the paranormal to challenge the host of the show Nick Groff offering the viewers a wide array of thoughts about the paranormal experiences.

I’ve returned back to the site where the home used to be and recorded EVP’s that rendered similar sounds as when the houses was standing. Thus prompting many to believe that the land itself may be haunted possibly by a past Native American burial ground or past tragic event.

haunted house abandoned Ohio