abandoned mall catches fire

Seph Lawless was first on the scene moments after the fire broke out at North Randall Park Mall. The images are being updated on this post and you can see more here. The abandoned mall is located in Cleveland, Ohio and the detective in the case suspects arson.

Seph Lawless’ images of the abandoned mall went viral several times over the years, which inspired photographers from all over the country to come into Cleveland to photograph the mall. His images of the abandoned North Randall Park mall was reported all over the world and CNN interviewed him inside the mall in 2014.

Next month Lawless will be featured on a new reality tv show that will show the abandoned North Randall Mall on the show. It will air globally on A&E’s VICELAND. Filming took place at the mall with Lawless last year. The new anticipated reality television show will showcase Seph Lawless extensive work throughout the Cleveland area, especially his work on abandoned malls.

The filming will show never before seen images and video of the mall is several stages of it’s decay. The mall today is mostly demolished but Lawless was the first to photograph the mall and had photographed the mall several times over the years. After appearing on the Greta Van Susteren show on Fox News Lawless was arrested by detectives. Vice news obtained court documents that showed detectives seized Lawless’ personal Facebook information through out the investigation.

This was further proof of just how far reaching and how much an impact Lawless photographs were having around the world, eventually causing detectives to arrest Lawless in hopes it would stop people from following in his footsteps. The mall has been a magnet for photographers and vandals over the years. Arson is suspected in the case of the mall fire as of now. More news to come.

-Daniel Todd

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