The Great Wall of Trump by Seph Lawless 

I believe that President Trump hated Obamacare to the extent that he did not only because his name was not on it, but because Obama’s was. President Trump is adept at playing base politics, but not because he loves his base; he merely exploits the men and women who comprise his base to serve something greater—himself.

Many people believe President Trump is narcissistic, and some believe he may be struggling with a clinical narcissism disorder that affects roughly 6.2% of the U.S. population. Narcissistic individuals don’t just compulsively need to be admired and loved; they want to be remembered. What better way to be immortalized than to construct a gigantic wall along the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border with his name and brand all over it. It would serve as a statue commemorating President Trump in perpetuity.

Over the years, Trump has placed his brand on almost anything he could: hotels, bottled water, cuts of meat and even an airline. All these commodities would pale in comparison to a fully constructed U.S.-Mexican wall stretching even longer then the Great Wall of China. We might even be able to see the Great Wall of Trump from outer space.

As president, Trump has composed several tweets viciously defending Confederate statues under the guise of preserving American history. Statues are seemingly very important to him—so important that he committed the biggest public relations disaster of his presidency when he defended Nazis protesting the removal of Confederate statues in Charlottesville, Virginia, claiming that there were good people among both the protesters and counter-protesters, despite the fact that the Nazis were caught on video at the protest chanting ‘death to Jews’

Imagine for a moment, the number of Trump supporters who would travel to the Mexico-U.S. border wall just for a glimpse of the Great Wall of Trump as they upload selfies with the hashtags “#TrumpWall” and “#gotherdone.” More importantly, consider the fact that if President Trump succeeds in constructing his wall, he will stand in front of it at every photo opportunity that arises, and after his term in office has ended, he will tour sections of the wall and give speeches about himself as he stands on a stage with the Great Wall of Trump as an eerie backdrop. Perhaps most disturbingly, all this absurdity will be securely cloaked in the guise of making America great again.

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