Seph Lawless To Appear With Actor Joseph Melendez At Event

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Pictured Seph Lawless ( Credit NBC NEWS )

Seph Lawless To Appear With Actor Joseph Melendez for book tour

Joseph Melendez will be among several celebrities that will join Seph Lawless for his 2017 book tour. The real name of Seph Lawless is unknown by many. This hasn’t stopped the famous artist, activist and Huffington Post photojournalist from making public appearances. Beginning in April 2017, Lawless will be making appearances at bookstores across the U.S. The book entitled, ‘Autopsy of America: The Death of a Nation‘ has already received praise among many. Lawless and his images made real headlines in the press recently after his photos went viral yet again. Joining him will be a long list of celebrities that support his work. Actor Joe Melendez is just one of those celebrities that will be showing support for Seph Lawless.

Joseph Melendez has been a real fan of Seph Lawless and his work for years now. Other celebrities that support the popular photographer are Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Mark Ruffalo, Ashton Kutcher and Zooey Deschanel. Melendez believes the images by Seph Lawless strikes an emotional chord with people. Many people have suggested Lawless’ images are poignant and a unique way to raise awareness to some of the country’s true ills. This is why so many celebrities have gravitated towards his work.

The real tragedy is not everyone sees the beauty in America’s most abandoned ruin. Joseph Melendez and Seph Lawless have both suffered criticism from both liberals and conservatives in relation to Lawless’ work. Some liberals believe his work is exploitive. Some Conservatives believe Seph Lawless is un-American by showing his country as weak and vulnerable. Recently, Seph Lawless was interviewed by NPR and the radio host pressed Lawless on that issue:

“Why did you want to show your country as vulnerable?”-NPR Host

“I was just tired of my country hiding the parts of their country they were embarrassed of, that they thought was expendable. You know these places still have some of the most poor and broken and disenfranchised Americans living among these ruins in my photos. You wouldn’t know that if it wasn’t for my images. Most people aren’t looking and that is by design.” -Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless Joseph Melendez

National Public Radio interview with Seph Lawless 2016