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Seph Lawless is a pseudonymous American-based artist, political activist/artivist who has deliberately chosen to keep his identity concealed. In recent years, he has maximized social media platforms to encourage and promote creativity to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression. Seph Lawless writes ' The Artivist (Artist + Activist)  uses their creativity to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression by any medium necessary ...a pen, a lens, a brush, a voice ...even your body.'

Photojournalist Seph Lawless has been photographing and documenting the most abandoned and forgotten cities across America since 2005. The culmination of his photographs and video is part of an ongoing project called Autopsy of America which not only documents the most abandoned cities and towns across the U.S. but also closely examines the people that still inhabit these secluded areas- the ones he says 'were left behind'.

Journalist Eric Sandy wrote 'Lawless' work offers viewers a true diagnostic for some of America's true ills'. 

'Lawless exposes the America ravaged by economic decline, rampant unemployment, foreclosures and the like. Exposing not only the forgotten ruins but the forgotten people that were left behind to survive.'- June Steward (San Francisco University)

'Stunning and beautiful'-Greta Van Susteren (Fox News)

'Photographer Seph Lawless is a master of the abandoned -- his frames are filled with eerie portraits of shopping malls, factories, homes. All dilapidated, all empty, all but forgotten. He usually travels across the United States via hybrid vehicle, equipped with a camera and a knack for finding ways inside strange structures, collecting stories of his adventures along the way.'-Huffington Post

'I prefer absurdity over reality because it's more honest, says Lawless' -ABC News

'As Lawless' photos went viral this week, the reaction on social media showed him that he had touched a nerve with racing fans. "Racing for people in the South means a hell of a lot. So it needs to be respected," Lawless told ESPN

"It's the human decay that troubles me the most," says photographer Seph Lawless -CNN

Lawless' work has been widely reported on CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC NEWS and ABC NEWS. In late 2014, Lawless was hired by The Guardian Newspaper to document inside an abandoned shopping mall for an interview about his book Black Friday, which documented several shopping malls that were left abandoned across the U.S. CNN and France's National television network France 2 would later hire him to freelance similar projects. Several of Seph Lawless' projects have gone viral and trended heavily in 2014 and 2015. Slate Magazine, Fast Company and The Guardian Newspaper ranked Seph Lawless projects among the Top Ten Most Popular stories for 2014. Cleveland Magazine recently ranked Lawless among the 30 Most Interesting People for 2015.

"This isn't social media...This is a social movement."-Seph Lawless