BLACK FRIDAY-The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall


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Black Friday the collapse of the American Shopping Mall

They’re typically bustling with activity, packed during the holiday shopping season, but the shopping malls in this selection of photos by photographer Seph Lawless will be crowd-free this Black Friday, ghostly and eerie as they are left to succumb to Mother Nature.
It doesn’t take long for nature to overtake structures that have been left exposed to the elements. In his bestselling book, The World Without Us, Alan Weisman wrote that structures crumble when weather does unrepaired damage and other life forms, such as insects, birds or mice, create new habitats in the rubble. Without interventions, these buildings could collapse.
The two Ohio shopping malls in this slideshow above — Rolling Acres Mall and Randall Park Mall — were both built in the the mid-1970s and abandoned in 2008 and 2009. Both malls, now overgrown, and littered with broken glass and debris from crumbling walls, are set to be demolished any day now.

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