Autopsy of America

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Autopsy of America ‘ the journal entries of Seph Lawless’ (Doral Publishing-2014) captures the plight of Americans and the devastating effects that globalization has had on American cities. The book chronicles Lawless’ journey across the United States with an emphasis on the most abandoned and economic deprived areas of America.

Seph Lawless exposes the America ravaged by economic decline, rampant unemployment, foreclosures and the like. Grim, yet beautifully photographed, accompanied by Lawless’ eloquent musings, the deserted dwellings hold remnants of scattered lives–an empty high chair, a dirty mattress, broken dishes, dusty toys and mangled dolls. Where are the families–the children, mothers, fathers, friends? The landscape is that of a battered, wounded America for all to see. Autopsy of America is a love story for the America we once knew and a forewarning of the America we dare not envision.’-June Steward (Signs of Design-San Francisco)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: High quality photo/ coffee table / Art photography book accompanied by Seph Lawless’ journal entries along his travel of abandoned areas across America.

Autopsy of America ‘the journal entries of Seph Lawless’ is currently available in 8×10 Hardcover, 8×10 Paperback, Limited Edition 13×11 Hardcover option and also as a best selling eBook.

Abandoned America curated by Joseph Melendez