Real Name of Seph Lawless ?

Recently, a past interview Seph Lawless did with Vice Magazine has resurfaced fueling rumors that Lawless, is in fact in jail or facing jail time, this is not true and my client Seph Lawless was never charged as the case was thrown out of court last year.  It should be duly noted that many of the places Seph Lawless photographs currently are usually invites from property owners and even state officials allowing Seph to photograph these abandoned places. We do not condone trespassing of any kind for those of you inspired by Lawless’ work.

Recently, Lawless was even asked by the Federal Government to photograph a remote military location to properly document it before they demolish is in 2016. These contracts are carefully read by Lawless’ Lawyers Larry Zuckerman and Brian Daiker to insure not only safety buy the legality of both taking and sharing his photographs with the public.

Photography is the process of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium like film or an electronic sensor. The products of photography are called negatives and photographs, the latter being developed from the negatives.

Seph Lawless is an artist and artists are crafters of human thought and emotion. Think about that .. its massive. It is for us to inspire and motivate. To merely duplicate is to devastate. True innovation is born on the wings of reality, but will always fly one mile higher. Don’t ever think for a moment we are merely couriers of imitation to some sort of “reality”.

Seph Lawless’ real name is really no secret, especially where he resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Several people think his name was created for various reasons, but the fact is, it was created simply as a pen name as he became an author. There is no real attempt to hide his identity as he has been on several television national and global platforms over the years. He is seen below during his Vice interview.

Image showing Seph Lawless real name joseph melendez on television

Image showing Seph Lawless on television



“Sometimes words just aren’t enough, so I started taking pics.”-Seph Lawless

While Seph Lawless admits he’s not the best photographer you’ll bump into, his images are worth something. It’s hard to put a monetary value on some shots, but those photos sell, and those photos arouse emotions.

And beyond that, those are one-in-a-lifetime experiences that he documents through his personal journey.

Image showing Seph Lawless on Facebook profile picture

Image showing Seph Lawless on Facebook profile picture

-Joe Melendez


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