Joe Melendez and Seph Lawless

recently released images depicting the most beautiful abandoned places in the world. Several, factors played a role on how these factors were formulated, including social media shares, backlinks to reputable news sources and even high profiled media companies that ranked some of these images as the most popular images for 2015.

#1: Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park; New Orleans

Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless

Lawless describes this abandoned amusement park as one of his favorite places and shot the remnants of this amusement park several times over the years. Most notably, when he was hired by the Guardian Newspaper to document New Orleans, a decade after Hurricane Katrina. The photos went viral and over 8,000 stories shared his images. The most shared image of that collection was this photo above.

It also would go on to be an album cover for a rock band that Rolling Stone named the ‘Next Artist to Watch’ in their 2015 September issue.  See more reported on ABC NEWS here

#2: Land of Oz theme park


These images by Seph Lawless of the abandoned Land of Oz Theme park went viral in the end of 2015. This image was the most shared image of the collection. The photos were shared by celebrities Zooey Deschanel, Alice Cooper and Ashton Kutcher as well.

#3: New Orleans



In 2015, Buzzfeed generated image technology, that determines which photo would most likely get the most clicks and shares on social media. Out of the 57 images of Lawless’ New Orleans images this image won by a landslide. Not just according to Buzzed, but several other media outlets across the country.

#4 Abandoned NASCAR Speedway


These images trended on Facebook for more than two weeks and appeared on NBC Sports and ESPN. The photo series open Lawless to a whole new generation of fans and followers after showing one the the south’s most beloved and historic racing tracks of all time.

#5 The Trolley Tragedy of 1957


This photo series went viral in 2015 and sent chills up most people’s spines, as several people shared the eerie images. The abandoned train cars made up a best selling book called ‘The Trolley Tragedy of 1957’, which was a named a best seller in 2015. Read more about how AMC’s The Walking Dead will use the location here

#6 The Abandoned Pet Cemetery


Speaks for itself and these images went viral in 2015 and also became a best selling book called ‘Pet Cemetery-In loving Memory’ Interview here with Ashton Kutcher 

#7 Huantingly Beautiful 


These images appeared on BBC NEWS and ABC NEWS on Halloween Day and were shared over 16 million times. This images captured the most shares and was shared over 6 million times alone.

#8 Abandoned North Randall Mall 


Lawless is best known for the images of abandoned malls and will forever be considered the godfather of abandoned malls and rightfully so. These images were shared over 54 million times worldwide, as Lawless was interviews extensively on CNN, ABC NEWS, NBC NEWS and several other high profile media outlets across the globe.

Contributor and writer – Joe Melendez

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