Seph Lawless Real Name Joseph Melendez Hoax

Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless Real Name Joseph Melendez ?

Seph Lawless, whose real name is unknown, has long been suspected of being Joseph Melendez after an elaborate prank orchestrated by the real Seph Lawless himself. Seph Lawless has created online confusion about his real name and that was entirely his goal. Very similar to other famous artists like BANKSY, Lawless’ attempts seems to have been mildly successful.

To begin, Seph Lawless lies are carefully orchestrated by a team of people that support Lawless and run his website WWW.SEPHLAWLESS.COM and over the years these campaigns have been very successful. Most people didn’t fall for the prank, however for those people that did, there were some tall tale signs that indicated that this was a very deliberate act to fool people online.

First, a domain registrant is very easy to hide. Why would an artist like BANKSY or Seph Lawless leave this exposed publicly on purpose? Second, the copyright public information for Lawless’ work is very telling as well. Why would Seph Lawless use his real name when the Library of Congress doesn’t require using your real name? What is even more provocative is the copyright separates Seph Lawless and Joseph Melendez by a comma. That rather small and insignificant detail is a huge part of the puzzle. According to the Library of Congress they would only of used a comma, if in fact, two different people were listed on the copyright. It would appear Lawless didn’t think people would notice the comma or understand its implications and he would be right.

Seph Lawless further aggravated the confusion by using the abbreviation AKA after his name, which led some feeble minded people to think there is just one person listed on the registered copyright, when in fact there’s two. One thing is for sure Seph Lawless is a genius at marketing and branding his name, all over the world, in recent years as he has shown in this case here.

Marketing and branding expert Tim Cannon says, “Seph Lawless has successfully branded himself from an Instagram account to a respected artist that culminated into a European Art Exhibit that received rave reviews from some of the top art museums and top art critics in the World. His unorthodox approach by exploitation of social media and his ability to exploit his online critics and trolls has been wildly successful to him. Similar to Donald Trump, the more you throw at him, the more popular he gets. Seph Lawless epitomizes the phrase ‘There’s no such thing as bad press’ like I’ve never seen before in my life.”