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DEBUNKING ABANDONED AMERICA aka Matthew Christopher by Joe Melendez

Seph Lawless

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After receiving numerous complaints of harassment by an online bully of mine named Matthew Christopher (aka Abandoned America) by my fans, respected journalist that interviewed me and even charitable organizations I’ve worked with I’ve decided to let everyone know that this bully is being sued in court and we will win. Thank you all for providing evidence of his online abuses to make this possible. This open letter is to keep everyone informed as these events unfold.

Matthew Christopher Murray has made several edited public and defamatory statements online alleging that I do not advocate and raise money for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. This is not only verified in the following email but widely respected news sources. We will be updating this page regularly to show you screen grabs and personal emails outlining his lies and jealousy fueled hatred of Seph Lawless. I’ve said before I don’t just tolerate but encourage some envious people to hate Seph Lawless. It can be good for business. Where we draw the line is when you abuse, harass and bully Seph Lawless’ fans, journalists that interview him and charities that have worked with him ,whose only goal is to do good for a community.

Without further ado…the following are just some of the personal emails between the Abandoned America’s Administer account email Matthew Christopher Murray and several people at the Cleveland Food bank until the President finally puts Matthew Christopher in his place:

On Sep 2, 2015, at 8:04 PM, “admin@abandonedamericaorg” wrote:

Dear Ms. Martin, Earlier this year I called you to see if a photographer who goes by the pseudonym Seph Lawless worked for or with your organization, or has made any contributions to it. I was working on a theater fundraiser and was making grandiose claims about money he was going to raise and it sounded fishy to me. You had stated that he had made one contribution of $500 as part of a December fundraising exhibition at the Cleveland Public Library, although he has claimed to have raised much more. I am just writing to see if you could send me an email to this effect that I can show the owner of this site. I am worried that he is getting taken advantage of, and your confirmation of or denial of his contribution will go significantly further if it is on an email that I can forward him than a phone conversation I relay to him which leaves room for ambiguity. Thanks so much, and if you could, the sooner you are able to respond, the better. I do not feel he has given you the full amount and he had claimed to be raising funds for you for the entire year preceding that event. If he is claiming to be raising funds for you and not giving them to you, that is taking donations directly from the population you serve and my hope is that he will not do the same with the theater.

Sincerely, Matthew Christopher

——– Original message ——–

From: Samantha Martin Date:09/02/2015 8:10 PM (GMT-05:00) To: “” Cc: Kellie Biller Subject: Re: Request for verification about individual’s contributions/involvement

Hi Matthew, I’ve recently learned a little more about this relationship, and I’ve copied in Kellie Biller, who worked with Seph Lawless on his donation and can provide more information on his funds raised.

Thank you, Sam

Sent from iPhone

From: Kellie Biller 
Sent: Thursday, September 3, 2015 11:14 AM
To: ‘Abandoned America’ 
Cc: Samantha Martin 
Subject: RE: Request for verification about individual’s contributions/involvement

Matt, A fundraiser was hosted for us last December by Seph Lawless and we did receive funds from him.  I have provided him all of the pertinent information he has needed including donation receipts as I understand that this has now become a legal altercation.  We’re going to have to step away from this issue so please take up any requests for information with Seph Lawless or his team.

Thanks, Kellie

Kellie Biller

Special Events & CRM Manager Office:

Let it be known Matthew was notified by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank the fact Seph Lawless did in fact raise money for past events and yet he still lies to the public in an online blog failing to debunk anything Lawless does. In fact, we will be releasing soon more information debunking each one of his lies on this page. Please click on the links to his name or click here to get a more detailed look at his creepy online bullying and his online abuse of me and several others. Stalking is a very serious felony crime. If he stalks anymore of my followers or contacts you directly please contact the police and report it. Matthew Christopher is an obsessed fan and any illegal activity concerning us should be brought to our attention.

Editor’s Note: Seph Lawless real Name is not Joseph Melendez, Joe Melendez, Justin Noorey or Alan Romer next time notice the comma in between the books photographer and the pen name of the books contributing author in the copyright.

Source and contributors : Joseph Melendez, Joe Melendez and The Haunted Librarian